Production area


Is in charge of the chassis and robot structure. In this area they apply physics and the design of different systems that are manufactured to overcome the challenges that our robot has to achieve each year in FIRST.



: Oversees the connection of electronic devices, preparation of wiring, enabling and diagnostics of sensors.



Oversees programming the robot, the vision and the design of the interface that will be implemented for the use of the algorithm that controls the robot as well as optimize processes and facilitate the use of the components to the operator.



Is in charge of finding the best way to raise, invest and distribute the money for maximum profit, to go to different regionals and buy the necessary pieces to have a functional robot. Also this year we wrote 9 manuals for each production and business area.



Is in charge of the design and innovate ways to spread the FIRST® message and sponsors logos in our community through posters, social and masive media.



Oversees maintaining an area free of risks within the members of the team, implementing the manuals 5`s and STOP in the workshop and teach our team mates to use the tools and the different positions for the ideal performance in the working area.